ТV Çegrani & MEDIA, as a special television communication with interesting nature and content of its programe, has successfully met the quality of many programs such as documentary programs, culture and education programs, programs scheduled for children, programs congratulations-greetings , musical programs and various ads. Ads in our media are carefully worked. The possibility that offers Çegrani & MEDIA in order to increase your clients.

Why you should choose ТV ÇEGRANI & MEDIA?

• Seriousity, which means high degree of responsibility.
• Various TV Programs
• Stability and performance in time and value
• Quality, high-level professional staff that ensures effective communication with people.
• Real reflection of events and phenomena associated with the Albanian reality.

What we offer:
• Increase consumer value, making your product more attractive in the market.
• Increase your income by way investments to improve product quality and delivery facilities in its use by the customer.
• Increase your company's name, giving even more impetus and its activity and making it more competitive in the market.


With a staff of professionals, technology, programs for all age group, make ТV Çegrani & MEDIA, is the most beloved screen of all Albanians, listed as a favorite on television, is a reflection of commitment, seriousness and accountability shown by the entire staff of the TV.


For more information please contact us at : +389 (0) 70 238 945